Not just evil, but particularly evil

Our society is a complicated thing, which can make it difficult to parse it in such absolute terms as “good” and “evil”. But every so often you can clearly see that something is, indeed, evil.

The disgusting and pointless ban on transgender military service by our Idiot in chief was such an example of pure evil. And it was particularly evil because it was done purely for political gain.

To spell it out: The creepy orange one clearly doesn’t care about this issue one way or another. Yet he knows that some of the more vocal elements of his fanatical base do.

At various times in U.S. history some within our society have focused on excluding blacks, Jews, Catholics, Italians, the Irish, and a long list of other groups who could be conveniently labeled as “other”. And sometimes, sadly, U.S. presidents have supported such exclusionary tendencies.

But this is probably the first time a president has done so not out of any actual sense of conviction, but merely because it makes him look cool to his fanatical base. It is that complete lack of underlying conviction — a decision to something utterly hateful and cruel merely to win political points — that makes such an act particularly evil.

Fortunately Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has called out the Idiot. It is good to see that even in the face of utter monstrosity, there are still some people left in this country who retain a basic sense of decency.

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