Self-referential Halloween costume

This semester, the Tuesday evening graduate course I teach falls on Halloween. So in our previous class, I told the students that they should feel free to come to class dressed up in a Halloween costume.

Alas, only one soul was brave enough to take me up on it. She arrived dressed up as Judy Hopps from Zootopia (complete with ears), and her costume was awesome.

Not knowing how many students would arrived dressed in costume, I decided that in all fairness, I needed to come to class in a costume. So I got dressed up as a professor.

Yes, I know that sounds confusing. After all, I am a professor. But I’m the kind of professor who usually dresses like a student.

So this evening I did the whole three-piece old fashioned twill suit thing, with a tie and everything. Probably not all that different from what C.S. Lewis would have worn to teach his classes at Oxford ninety years ago.

The students were very appreciative. I think they always like it when their professor puts a little extra effort into preparing for class. 🙂

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