Before the Cave, part 23

What happened next was not comical at all. As if with one mind, the humans released their weapons.

The spears flew high, tracing graceful arcs through the air. In that moment all was silence.

But in the very next moment the spears hit their targets. Suddenly the battlefield was filled with the howls of rage and anguish erupting from the warrior mammoths.

This first attack had clearly had its intended effect. The thick hide of each mammoth warrior was pierced through in many places, and each mammoth on the front line was clearly in intense pain.

But the next moment, the mammoth warriors began methodically to pull the spears out of each others’ hides. The extraction of the barbed spears was painful, perhaps more painful than the initial attack, but the simple act of helping each other seemed to create a new sense of resolve in the mammoth army.

As one, the mammoth warriors turned toward the humans and charged. And then all was chaos.

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