Before the Cave, part 27

The human Elder and Shaman took a long moment just staring at the two of them. Ilara felt odd. Only a short while ago, she would have been thrilled simply to get their attention. But now everything was all mixed up.

Both of them were looking at the girl they thought was Ilara, who was actually a mammoth. And here she was, the Ilara they really knew, except they thought she was a mammoth. Could this get any weirder?

She could tell that the human Shaman was speaking, but she couldn’t understand any of it. And then, all of a sudden, everything started to spin. Except this time she was ready for it, and she knew what to expect.

She could see the entire scene, as if from a great distance, as though all of them, the human and mammoth army, were all little toys carved in wood, stuck in the sand. And then all at once it was done.

She realized she was looking from her own eyes. It felt good to be back in her body again. Ilara gave her mammoth friend a significant look, and received one in return.

The Shaman was still speaking, and suddenly she could understand. And she was astonished at what she was hearing.

“The prophecy that was foretold,” the Shaman proclaimed. “It has come true.”

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