Almost clever

Today I spent much of the day in the NYC offices of a large corporation that is, commendably, ecologically aware. They have signs posted for recycling in all the appropriate places.

And consistent with NYC regulations, they break their recycling into two categories: Metal, plastic and glass in one bin, and paper in another. And therein hangs a tale.

For in their attempt to be hip, up-to-date, cutting-edge, in-the-know, they tried to reference one of the great moments in the classic MGM adaptation of Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. Alas, they didn’t quite get it right.

Check it out for yourself. Here is a photo I took of one of their recycle bins. It essentially says, with enthusiastic fervor: “Metal and Glass and Plastic — oh my!”.

It’s almost clever. The problem is that the well-known quote they are riffing off is “Lions and Tigers and Bears — oh my!”

So if they really wanted to go there, they should have switched the last two items on their list, to keep the rhythm of the thing. If only they had written “Metal and Plastic and Glass — oh my!” — that would have made me so happy.

Am I being too demanding?

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  1. Demian says:

    Future augmented contact lenses will enable us to fix the joke and share with the world this funnier (and ryhtmier) reality !

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