Punnishingly descriptive

Today, in a very silly musical pun-off with Jaron Lanier, I said “violinists are high strung, but they never fret.” I am happy to report that my moment of egregiously low humor received the groan that it so richly deserved.

I wonder whether anyone has look at this form of punnishingly descriptive language as an art-form in its own right. Would it be possible to create an entire on-line dictionary of such wickedly painful descriptions?

I see such a thing as a community effort. Perhaps we can start a Wickipedia to put all these things together in one place. Am I the only one who thinks this would be a good idea?

Probably. :-)

2 Responses to “Punnishingly descriptive”

  1. Isabel Granic says:

    I know 4 of my 5 closest friends who would be SO into this. My role, in this said group of friends, is to be the loudest groaner. I suck at MAKING puns, but I secretly admire their lexical gymnastics. I will guarantee you if you start a Wickepedia of puns (just IMAGINE the hyperlink potential!), it will be awesome.

  2. PhilH says:

    This genre is ‘Dad Jokes’, and yes, there are websites.


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