The future history of AI

There is a long list of things that everybody knew artificial intelligence would never do, until it did.

A few of the better known items on this list are chess, accurate handwriting recognition, ping-pong, Go, speech-to-text, and natural sounding text-to-speech. Others, such as the self-driving car, may have temporarily hit a bump on the road (so to speak), but are sure to follow.

One interesting side note: I am using speech-to-text on my Pixel phone to write this post, and it is working flawlessly.

What might we be able to predict about future tasks which are still out of reach of AI, but which it will achieve at some point? In particular, in what historical order will particular capabilities fall within the purview of AI?

It would be fun, based on what we know now, to chart a future timeline, and then come back sometime later and revisit it to see how much we got right and how much we got wrong.

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