Useful procrastination

In recent weeks I’ve been working on various parts of a fairly large software project. One problem with large software projects is that it can be hard to combine all the pieces, even if you’ve designed all the pieces to make that integration easier.

For the last week or two I’ve been trying to work out the best way to merge two particular parts of this large project. I get a little closer every day, but the thing is still rolling around in my head, and I think it’s a bit too soon for that race to the finish line.

Today, knowing that I am still not quite ready to complete that big software task, I started another project. It’s just a little side project, something I knew I could get done within a single day.

As I was finishing up this little project, it occurred to me that I’m engaging in a kind of “useful procrastination”. To avoid doing something useful, I end up doing something else that’s useful.

Sure, it’s still a form of procrastination. But at least I have something to show for it. 🙂

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