Oulipo sequels

Our lab is doing a major production for an audience in shared VR to premiere at the forthcoming SIGGRAPH conference (this Aug 12-16 in Vancouver, CA). The narrative is, in a sense, an origin story for virtual reality.

It takes place in Paleolithic times and tells a tale about the possible origins of cave paintings. The title is CAVE.

Today some of us were discussing what projects we might do after SIGGRAPH. What sorts of follow-on pieces might we produce, so that we can continue to learn about telling stories to large audiences in shared VR?

I suggested that we use a sort of Oulipo technique. All of our stories could be successive sequels, with narratives suggested by their titles.

In our first sequel, we find in our cave a lonely character named Dave, and the next story occurs in a place where Dave rescues a friendly bat. Then a story in which the bat learns what Dave likes, followed by one where the bat gives Dave a present, and finally a story about the wonderful result of that generosity.

The titles of these productions would be, respectively:


I think that would be quite enough. Besides, I somehow doubt everyone will agree with my plan. 🙂

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