Minds, bodies and airports

Sitting in an airport early this morning, waiting for my flight, I am struck by how much an airport is a place of absence. Nobody is here because they want to be in an airport. They are here because they want to be someplace else.

Unlike, say, a train station, the place we want to be when we are waiting for a flight is invariably very far from where we currently are. Our minds are focused on that far off destination, which means our minds are very distant from our bodies.

Also, given the nature of air travel these days, we often spend much more time waiting for a flight than we do waiting for a train. So those of us who need to travel by air can find ourselves spending a lot of time with our minds and our bodies far away from each other.

Fortunately, rather than passively waiting to be somewhere else, our minds can also choose to spend some of this strange liminal time in places that do not even have a physical existence, doing things that are far more pleasant. Like posting to a blog. 🙂

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