The unopened door, part 15

The interior of the house was empty. Not merely empty, but barren of all furniture, or any evidence of inhabitation for that matter. It was a dark and empty cadaver of an interior, devoid of any sign of life.

What I saw before me was merely a hollow and empty shell, as though the house had never been inhabited at all. Long I remained there, gazing with wondering eyes, trying to reconcile the sight before me with my still vivid memories of the last several hours.

At last, having satisfied myself that there was nothing here to see, I relaxed my grip upon the window sill, and allowed myself to drop unto the ground below. To my great relief, I found the earth to be soft beneath my feet, a quality which served well to cushion my fall.

In a daze, I staggered away from the house, my mind filled with a tangle of contradictory thoughts. I knew in that moment that this mysterious dwelling held no more fascination for me, and my only clear desire was to escape this place of madness.

I managed to walk twenty paces from the house, when I espied a small object upon the ground. Curious, I knelt down to gain a closer vantage point.

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