The unopened door, part 16

I picked up the tiny object, and examined it closely. In general proportion it was, to my surprise, rather similar to the house behind me, although of course on a greatly smaller scale. Why my mind would so leap toward an association between two objects so vastly disparate in size and purpose was a mystery even to myself.

Turning the object gently between my fingers, I saw that there was something odd about the surface material of the object. On the one hand, it appeared vaguely pearlescent in nature. Yet as I rotated the strange little object between my thumb and forefinger, the colors upon its surface appeared to move and shimmer in a way that seemed to defy the laws of optics, almost as though the surface itself were somehow alive.

As my fingers continued to rotate the curious little box — for I soon realized that its likely purpose was to serve as a container of some kind — I espied a small cavity on one side. Before I had had a proper chance to examine this cavity, I was startled by the unexpected apparition of some — thing — flying out.

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