The unopened door, part 17

Whatever the small flying thing was, it was clearly metallic in nature, and it seemed to be emitting a faint high pitched buzzing sound. I conjectured that perhaps I was gazing upon a machine of some sort.

Yet if the thing was indeed of mechanical construction, it was unlike any mechanism I had ever seen or heard of. Assuming such hypothesis to be correct, either I was witnessing the fruit of an experiment out of some clandestine laboratory, or else this was a mechanism heretofore unknown to humankind.

It came to me that if I could only catch and somehow confine the strange little apparition, I would then be able to further examine it at leisure. I swatted at the thing, trying to grab it with my free hand, but it easily darted out of the way.

At that point, I expected it to fly away, but that is not at all what happened. In fact, it did the one thing I would have least expected — it came right up to me, hovering in the air before my eyes, whereupon it appeared to be looking at me in the face.

It came to me in that moment that the two of us were engaged in highly symmetrical activities: I was earnestly examining the strange little flying apparition, and simultaneously the little apparition was earnestly examining me.

We had seemingly arrived at a standoff. Yet how, if at all, did any of this relate to the strange events of the proceeding hours? Surely the juxtaposition of two such improbable happenings could not be explained by coincidence alone. And what, I wondered, would happen next?

As it turned out, I was shortly to find out.

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