The unopened door, part 18

We stared at each other, the strange little flying creature and I, for how long I cannot say. Time began to drift, as though reality itself had entered another dimension.

At some point I began to become consciously aware of another sensation entirely. I realized that my unconscious mind had been trying to inform me of this new sensation for quite some time. This knowledge had in fact been hovering just out of the range of my awareness.

Gradually the sensation began to change, to evolve, acquiring a new level of vividness and urgency. It was almost as though a voice was speaking to me.

I felt the presence of this uncanny voice not from without, but from within, inside of my own mind, although I knew such a thing to be impossible. Yet what is the impossible, but a possibility that has yet to be encountered?

I cannot pinpoint the precise moment when I realized that the little creature was trying to speak to me. The communication in question was not in words precisely, but in some form of expression that was far deeper and more primal, yet not any the less articulate for that.

But what was it trying to say?

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