The unopened door, part 20

Delicately I lifted the little box, and held it out with the open end upwards. At once the tiny metallic creature flew inside. With a smile, I put the box gently down in the place where I had found it.

How marvelous, I found myself pondering, that a sentient being may be in two places at once, with the ability to inhabit multiple identities. This is perhaps the greatest of the gifts bestowed upon us by Nature, a consequence of our capacity for sentient thought.

For what is our memory of those we love, but a repository for their very soul? If we are truly loved, our essence continues onward, residing within the souls of those who have loved us.

But enough of philosophical musings. It was time, and I was ready.

I stood up and turned toward the house. I noted with little surprise that the shutters were once again drawn and closed to the world, as they had been when I had first arrived at this place.

Walking with resolute yet oddly light steps, I ascended the short stairway to the unopened door. I turned the doorknob and pulled. This time the door swung open easily.

There was my beloved, waiting for me, in the soft amber glow of the lamplight. We embraced, and shared a knowing smile, for we had conquered death itself.

With a little help from a friend.


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