Disney, Verizon and the New York Times

Tonight I spent my evening in the company of three very interesting people. One represented the Walt Disney Company, another represented Verizon, and another was a reporter for the New York Times.

The conversation was fascinating, wide-ranging, deep and philosophical, roaming in many unexpected directions. Yet the entire time I was thinking: How can I combine the energies of Disney, Verizon, and the New York Times?

On the one hand you have content, on the other you have distribution, on the third you have our ground truth for reality. Are these mutually compatible? Or, when combined, do they create a fundamental contradiction, a rift in the fabric of reality itself?

In the end I decided that they were just really cool people to hang out with, and whatever happened would happen.

If ever I create a synthesis between these three powerful yet complementary forces, and find a way to bring them out into the world together, you will be the first to know.

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