Sunday project

I am one of those weirdly old fashioned people who buys books. Not a few books — lots of books. I even read them.

The downside to this is that books tend to pile up in my apartment. I have far more books than bookshelf space.

I even have LPs and CDs — lots of LPs and CDs. Like I said, I’m old fashioned.

Needless to say, the LPs and CDs pile up right alongside the books. So I decided to do something about it.

Below is what my Sunday project looked like this morning. Just two neatly stacked boxes, containing the promise of organizational bliss.


By early afternoon those tidy packages had been replaced by something a lot messier, as I gradually worked my way through the instructions.


But by this evening, I was the proud possessor of a six foot wide, eight foot high organizational shelf, with two shelves for CDs, lots of room for LPs, and all the extra shelf space I need to show my books some respect. Plus a space underneath for clothes bins and more space up on top for knick knacks.


Before getting on with the business of organizing stuff, I am taking a day simply to admire my shiny new shelving. I just love the sheer potentialness of it.

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