Building walls

It’s pretty clear at this point that a concrete wall along our nation’s southern border will never be built. Grownups now in power realize that spending money on real national security is more useful than indulging a pointless boondoggle that sounds like it sprang from the mind of a six year old.

Still, walls are indeed going up inside our own country. I took the following photograph today. A friend and I drove to a national park on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, only to be greeted by the sign you see below.

Lots of people who work for the government are going without pay right now. It’s not just our national parks that remain out of service, but a whole lot of things we need to keep our nation running.

All because of a petulant brat who doesn’t care a fig about actual national security measures. At least not if those measures get in the way of his childish power games. Sigh.


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