A temporally altered state

Spending the week in Paris, it can be inconvenient to schedule calls with my friends and colleagues back home. For example, it took three days for one of my colleagues and myself to find a really good time to Skype, given the nine hour difference between our respective time zones.

Yet I am also reminded of one of the magical things about time zones: Every 24 hour period contains an enormous amount of time when most of the people you know are asleep, so you have time alone to get things done. I love hanging out with people, yet I also like how being part-way around the globe gives me an opportunity to get some extra hours every day by myself.

For a limited time only, I have a whole bunch more breathing room around the edges of my day to catch up on things. I wouldn’t want to live my life in such a temporally altered state, but for a week or so it can be very convenient.

Oh, and also I get to be in Paris. :-)

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