Octopedic arias

Today we did a solid day of rehearsals for the collective VR theater experience that we will be showing at the SIGGRAPH conference in July. It was exciting to see talented actors applying their wonderful stage smarts and improvisational wit to characters who will be seen on an entirely virtual stage.

The characters in this particular piece will look human (more or less), but for future productions that does not need to be the case. For example, using this sort of technology, it would be possible to put on a stage musical where every character is a different species.

But what would that be? Would it be akin toe July Taymor’s stage production of “The Lion King”? Or would it be more like the Disney film of the same name that it was based on?

Or would it be something else entirely? I for one would quite enjoy a love duet sung by an octopus and a tarantula (when they realize they have so many things in common). But I’m not sure exactly what to call the medium itself. Is it animation, puppetry, theater, immersive cinema, or something else entirely?

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  1. David A Smith says:

    Ah – so this is cool. Should have read it before my earlier comment.
    This is where your tech will shine.

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