When I think of classic films I tend to go fairly old-school. My thoughts run to Casablanca or The Third Man, or perhaps On the Waterfront.

Our lab recently decided to start a weekly movie night. We created a Slack channel where people could contribute suggestions for what to watch.

There were a number of interesting suggestions, but one in particular jumped out at me, mainly because of the wording:

the princess bride is classic

“Wait a minute,” I thought to myself, “that’s a good movie, but how is it classic?”

Except what I was actually doing was staring intently at the word “classic” and thinking to myself “I do not think that means what you think it means.”

And that’s when I realized he was right — it’s a classic.

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  1. David A Smith says:

    Princess Bride?
    It is in the same pantheon as Big Lebowski. Clearly this should be a double feature.

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