Sentences with split words

Now that we’ve come up with some examples of splitting up words — with some excellent contributions from Andy! — let’s use them in a sentence. The rule is that you need to make a sentence that is grammatical and makes sense whether or not the word has been split up.

Here are some examples:

We alter natively fish in our pond.

She likes to be wilder.

The glass dome was built to cap a city.

They showed a flag rant disregard for my anarchist diatribe.

In the spa I sit all sweaty and hum idly.

When I fold my money it doubles, and afterward I find it still in creases.

The voluble Nobel laureate loved his lab oratory.

And drawing from Andy’s clever examples:

Some jokester has filled my bathtub with sham poo.

When I stay too long cooped up without sunshine, I am apt to go off on a tan gent.

2 Responses to “Sentences with split words”

  1. Andy says:

    Nowhere to be seen, he was now here.

  2. admin says:

    Ah, now here is a tangent lab oratory from a tan gent I have seen nowhere on our laboratory!

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