Gentle with each other

Recently I’ve had some conflicts with friends. I guess that’s not unusual — to be human is to stumble into conflicts.

In every case except one, we managed to find a way to be gentle with each other, despite the conflicts. Somehow everyone kept their head and remembered that we are all imperfect, and that we all need to be kind and forgiving to one another.

The one exception — the friend who seemed to actually enjoy the act of inflicting hurtful wounds — still has me reeling. I don’t quite understand that side of human nature.

I realize that those of us who believe in forgiveness are at somewhat of a disadvantage. We don’t go for the killer blow, the decisive win.

Instead we look for some common ground. We find a way to allow the other to continue on in peace and dignity.

Sure, that philosophy can leave you vulnerable. But it’s worth it.

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