Notes on the incoming class

(last name first)

Fly, May

She’s too flighty to last long.

Fold, Manny

He’s all surface.

Gagger, Lolly

She’s always late.

Gamesh, Gil

This kid’s got an epic story.

Gory, Ali

He isn’t what he seems.

Gram, Ana

She reminds me of Mara Ang.

Guard, Van

He’ll be first in his class.

Ho, Ida

She is always in a state.

Idian, Flor

I like her tan.

Ificent, Mal

He’s a bad kid.

Light, Skye

She’s extremely bright.

Lightful, Dee

I really like this one!

Livit, Glen

I think he’s Scotch.

Mander, Jerry

He’s all over the place.

Manity, Hugh

He’s just like everyone else.

Metric, Barry

Kid can’t take the pressure.

Munn, Otto

This guy’s a couch potato.

Nomial, Polly

She loves math.

O’Bite, Gig

He’s got quite a memory.

Oh, Pattie

She likes hanging out outdoors.

Ovan, Dennis

Is he a Neanderthal, or what?

Pyre, Em

She’s got ambition.

Ramony, Pat

I hear he inherited a fortune.

Russe, Bella

Is that a Russian accent?

Shire, Devon

I love her accent.

Stick, Joy

She’s so controlling.

Tard, Leo

He just came here from the gym.

Tedd, Jill

I hear her boyfriend dumped her.

Torius, Vic

This one’s a winner.

Tosterone, Tess

She’s a tough one.

Trope, Zoe

She keeps going in circles.

Tucky, Ken

He’s from the South.

Uflect, Jen

She’s so polite!

Undrum, Ken

This one’s a puzzle.

Vation, Sal

He’s very religious.

Walker, Jay

He never follows the rules.

Ward, Lee

Ugh, I can smell him from here.

Warm, Luke

Don’t know if I like this guy.

Winkle, Perry

He’s always blue.

Yuery, Jan

She’s just starting the year.

Yurism, Ann

She gives me high blood pressure.

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