Tanks but no tanks

Today is Independence Day in the United States. This year, a certain spoiled child in Washington D.C. decided to celebrate by playing with toys.

Except the toys this idiot was playing with were from our actual military, and included a number of fighter jets as well as two fully armored tanks. The entire thing cost at least several million dollars, and not all of the costs have yet been counted. Many of the invited guests were large donors to said idiot’s re-election campaign.

Meanwhile thousands of innocent little children are without soap or toothbrushes on our southern border. These are kids whose parents have committed no crime, and have broken no laws.

Those parents have simply asked for political asylum after fleeing oppressive and murderous regimes. Their request for asylum was perfectly legal.

I wonder how many toothbrushes and bars of soap for imprisoned little children could have been paid for by one ITU. Oh right — I need to define my terms.

In this case an “ITU” represents the cost of diverting and transporting one military tank for a gratuitous and nakedly partisan political stunt. Literally, ITUs are “Idiot Tank Units”.

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