Homo hubris

He’s a very modern thinker with a very modern mind
And overall exemplary of much of humankind

In ordinary circumstance cantankerous of mood
Disinclined to listen, and quite inclined to brood

Self-appointed arbiter of all things a la mode
Intent on self-expression in adornment and abode

His lofty thoughts ascending into gossamer hot air
Believing that he radiates a certain savoir faire

He’s supremely overbearing, sublimely misdirected
Secure within his mind that he’s a leader (unelected)

“I assume you’ve read that article? I really liked the quote.
I hope you’ll understand the implications for the vote.

“They really should have listened when I said as much last year.
Oh you never heard me say that? Perhaps you weren’t here.”

There is no use even arguing, you might as well agree
He is one of nature’s creatures and it’s best to let him be

For there’s nothing to be done, there is nothing one can say
The species homo hubris, I’m afraid, is here to stay

One Response to “Homo hubris

  1. Jon Meyer says:

    I know many examples of the males of the species but few of the female. I wonder if homo hubris are unisexual or hermaphrodites?

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