Future car stuff

People I know in the midwest swear by their cars. Unlike us urban dwellers, they partly live in their cars. In places where it takes 30 minutes to drive 30 miles, folks will casually drive distances that to us New Yorkers would seem amazing.

Which means they need a lot of stuff. And they keep all that stuff in their cars.

In the future, when we have self-driving cars, automobile ownership will become problematic. It will be far more economical and efficient for all if those little self-driving vehicles are enterchangeable.

But where does that leave all the people who carrying around their life in their car? I suspect that rather than own cars, people will just own wagons that hitch to cars.

The wagons will have wheels, but no engine or motor. They will be completely passive units, designed to be pulled from one place to another without it all becoming a big deal. And that is where people in the midwest will store their “car” stuff in the future.

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