Day before SIGGRAPH

Tomorrow is the start of the big annual SIGGRAPH conference — the center of the computer graphics universe. I am writing this from our booth in the Immersive Pavilion (booth VC 101, if you happen to be here), where people come to see the very latest in VR and AR.

As it happens, the piece we will be showing is both. When people put on Magic Leap headsets, they will have an AR experience in which they will be able to look down at a table to see and hear a miniature virtual theater performance of an original play we have created. The characters and sets will appear to be at 1/10 scale.

Our play tells origin story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. We chose this story in particular because it is, in a sense, the origin story for science fiction itself.

But that’s not all. Other participants wearing an Oculus Quest will have a corresponding VR experience. As they walk around the room, they will see and hear the same play as though they are immersed in a full size theater, with life size actors and sets.

The best part is how these two experiences intersect: AR audience members will be able to see the VR audience members as characters walking around in the miniature theater. One virtual world will be nested within another.

It is going to be awesome!!!

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