Dudgeons and Flagons

I game up with a new game today, pretty much by accident. To test my new text editor, I created a list of words in alphabetical order, picking the first word that came into my head. My word list looked like this:


But then I decided it would also be useful to have full sentences, so I just expanded each of those words out to a sentence. Without really thinking about it, I ended up telling a little story:

apple is a kind of computer.
banana is a kind of fruit.
cat is a small furry animal I keep in my car that likes bananas.
deli is where I get my bagels.
eatery is where I dine tonight because I do not feel like bagels.
friend is who is dining with me.
garage is where we will park the car while we eat.
hacksaw is what the thieves will use to break into the car to steal our cat.
internet is where we will look for the cat on our apple computer.

I was sort of surprised that the resulting string of sentences made any sense at all as a story. But it gave me an idea for a game.

A storymaster presents a random string of words in alphabetical order. The players all need to use those words, in order, within an original short story.

The winner is whoever the storymaster thinks wrote the best story. And to keep it fair, people take turns being the storymaster.

But we can also make it a drinking game to keep things interesting. Every time you lose, you have to down an entire beer.

Of course people will get upset when they lose — particularly after they’ve lost a lot of rounds. Which is why we should call it Dudgeons and Flagons.

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