Outside London pubs

Just arrived for a several day trip to London. I’ll be speaking on a panel tomorrow, and its nice to be here again (and to realize that my Oyster card still works).

Today at around 6:30pm I wandered out, in the neighborhood of Charing Cross, to do a little food shopping. My short journey from hotel to grocery store took me past several pubs.

Outside each pub was a sizable crowd. People of all ages and descriptions were gathered outside the pubs, happily chatting away.

Everyone had a beer in hand, and everyone seemed supremely delighted to be there. I was struck by the general mood — a sort of cheerfully jovial atmosphere that you don’t generally see in public places in New York City.

I loved the feeling of it, friends and colleagues gabbing happily away on assorted street corners, beer in hand, absolutely delighted to be in each others’ company. With Brexit looming, this may not be the easiest of times for Londoners, but there is something to be said for a People who have the capacity to share a simple moment of pure joy.

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