Alternate super heroes

Sometimes I like to imagine alternate super heroes with really weird super powers. One of my favorites is a guy I like to call “Popinjay”.

Popinjay’s only super power is that he can pop into a picture — whether a photo or painting — and then pop out of any other picture that depicts the same place.

If you were to meet his alter ego, a mild mannered sales clerk named Jay (of course) who works at a tourist shop, you would never suspect he is actually the mighty super hero Popinjay.

Of course the super powers of Popinjay are limited by whatever images happen to be around. You would think that if he wanted to jump into a scene, he could just pick up a pen and sketch something.

Alas, PopinJay, like all super heroes, has a tragic flaw. In his case, it’s that he cannot draw to save his life — literally.

I would be happy to hear of any other ideas for alternate super heroes with unusual powers.

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