Now I want to create worlds

Creating a 3D Web world in VR and sharing it with all of my students was so invigorating that now I want to create more virtual worlds. And that is what I am going to do.

Today I took a tape measure and measured off a section of our lab where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic. I am going to make that part of our lab my experimental “Metaroom”.

I am now building computer graphics versions of the tables and walls in that space, so that whatever I see when I walk around in VR, I will also be able to touch with my actual hands. Also, that way I won’t bump into the furniture! :-) Once that’s taken care of I can add whatever I want.

I plan to create floating artworks and creatures that respond to my presence. I also plan to make the world shareable so I can invite my friends to come and play.

After all, this is a Metaroom!

3 Responses to “Now I want to create worlds”

  1. Jorge Wagner says:

    That sounds very interesting to try! I find it quite useful in many ways to include just my work desk in the virtual environment. Reproducing and extending the whole environment adds lots of possibilities…

  2. Conor J Barron says:

    What software are you using to build this room?

  3. admin says:

    We have been using WebVR, but now we are transitioning to WebXR because it is finally ready.

    We are writing our own modeler, animation and networking protocols in Javascript, and our own shaders in GLSL. For the server we are using node.js, and customizing it to our needs.

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