The freedom of dreams

As I mentioned the other day, I have been overlaying a virtual world onto a section of this physical world, and creating a one-to-one correspondence between them. Items of furniture in my virtual world are exactly the same locations and dimensions as their physical counterparts, and walls are in exactly the same places in the virtual and the real worlds.

When I put on my Oculus Quest and walk around in this alternate reality, the distinction between the real and virtual worlds starts to blur. Why, I ask myself, can’t I just change the color of a wall here, or manifest a window there, or push up the ceiling to make it higher?

Once such transformations become easy, they seem like second nature. To live this way is simply to bring the freedom of dreams to our waking reality.

This has all been making me rethink my view of dreams. Once technology has become sufficiently advanced, instantaneous dreamlike changes to the physical world around us come to seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Perhaps our dreams have always been a window into our future reality.

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