I am large, I consume multitudes.

I think I confuse Amazon.

The only real way to know is by the adverts that keep popping up in my browser. I can tell which ones are connected to Amazon because I remember what I shopped for on-line at their site.

But the problem, from their perspective, is that I shop for both consumer stuff and work stuff. And the work stuff is a fairly eclectic set of one-time purchases of optical parts, electronic devices, connectors and fasteners, oddball furniture, empty eyeglass frames and other random objects both large and small.

So somewhere in a large data center, a server computer is probably whirring away, vainly running tests on my choices. An advanced machine learning algorithm is attempting to classify me, to figure out which parts of my economic soul Amazon can sell off to the highest bidder.

But the problem is that I have many economic souls. I am large, I consume multitudes.

I would like to think that maybe, just maybe, I am making that server computer run just a little bit hotter, as it tries in vain to make sense of my buying patterns. Alas, that means I am likely contributing to global warming, and therefore to the destruction of the rainforests.

Oh well. We may one day no longer have the Amazon, but we’ll always have Amazon.

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