I am getting more and more comfortable creating things in our VR metaroom. As that continues, my views about my relationship with that other place are changing.

On a gut level, I am starting to feel as though the metaroom is simply an extension of the room I am in. It is feeling more and more like a part of the physical world. You just need special glasses to see that particular part of the world.

And that has gotten me thinking that the metaroom would be an interesting place for a daily blog. After all, it’s only because the Web is everywhere that my practice of blogging every day makes sense.

So why not blog in the metaroom, rather than on a two dimensional document? After all, anybody with the right VR or AR glasses can visit the metaroom from wherever they are, just like they now can visit the traditional Web.

And we are heading toward an era where a lot of people are going to have those glasses. I guess it’s nearly time to start vrogging.

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