Expired phone number

I was going through the list of phone numbers in my SmartPhone today, and noticed that one of them is not useful anymore. I would delete that number, except for the reason it is not useful.

It’s not that the person has moved to another place on this Earth. Rather, it’s that the person is no longer on this Earth at all.

I find myself hesitating to delete the number of a deceased friend. Somehow it seems disrespectful.

It feels as though the number within my phone is a sort of mini-shrine to our friendship. Were I to delete it, that would somehow feel as though I am severing an emotional connection to someone I still care about.

This is undoubtedly silly, from a practical point of view. After all, that phone number is useless. Were I to dial it, I am sure a complete stranger would pick up, and would no doubt be annoyed by the intrusion.

Still, I refrain from hitting “delete”. I shall keep this number on my phone, together with my other cherished memories of my friend.

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