Virtual restaurants

As I mentioned yesterday, going to a restaurant can be a very compelling experience. But what if we can’t go to restaurants? We seem to be facing just such a situation now, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Perhaps we can take some elements of restaurants and bring them into the home. This may become much more feasible within the next several years.

Imagine that you and your loved one are dining at home. Perhaps you want to liven things up a bit. You both take out your trusty mixed reality glasses and voila! you are transported to a virtual restaurant.

All around you, other diners are eating, laughing, enjoying each others’ company. The mood is infectious.

Suddenly you feel more alive, your food tastes better, and everything is right in the world. That is the experience of the virtual restaurant.

It may seem different, yet one the most important things about restaurants has not changed: You and the other diners are all paying good money to provide entertainment for one another.

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