Just one question

I have been watching Itaewon Class on Netflix. I’ve been pretty much glued to the TV, completely rapt and fascinated by every twist and turn of plot and surprising reveal of character.

And I find that I have just one question: Why can’t American drama be as good as Korean drama?

2 Responses to “Just one question”

  1. Thibault says:

    I think part of the charm of different culture movies / show came from accepting different things from them due to a lost in translation. We do not see if characters seems real or not, if they play realistically or not, our suspension of disbielief is blurred so we accept more from them. Following a similar idea, the way they transpose emotions might be quite differents than our own, opening space of narration that would be uncanny if play on our own. For example a live japanese anime adaption, or a bollywood movie, would propably sound like a pastiche if replayed by occidental actors.

  2. Dina says:

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