Mood pill

Suppose you could take a mood pill that would put you into any mood you want? Would you use it?

I am not talking about intoxicating substances such as alcohol which impair your judgement. I’m suggesting something more down to earth.

Suppose I want to be sober and thoughtful at some point in the day, but lighthearted at another. Or I want to be rueful, or sentimental, or amorous, or coldly analytical.

If something like that existed, and it were truly reliable, I can see how it might be a very good thing or a very bad thing. I just can’t figure out which.

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  1. Isabela says:

    I think some of us do this a great deal already, we just may not go very meta about it. I purposely manipulate / change my mood through music, rewatching certain movies, and exercise. Maybe the pill is less effortful but I wonder if it would be necessarily qualitatively different?

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