VR script

We did a project last year for a narrative experienced in shared VR, which needed a written script. We spent a lot of time working on the script before we did any real production.

As we were doing this, an interesting question came up: Should we treat this like a film script or like a theater script? As you may know, the formatting conventions are very different for a script for a play and a script for a movie. That’s not entirely surprising, since the two media have very different requirements.

On some level, what we are doing is like a movie, because every thing is animated. You are essentially looking at a screen, although the screen is sort of all around you. And there are lots of opportunities for special effects that are possible in a movie but not on stage.

On the other hand, on a formal level, the audience is experiencing something much closer to traditional theater. We have no changes in point of view, no close-ups, none of the use of montage that is central to cinema.

I don’t know whether there is a good answer to this question. Maybe we will just try it different ways for different productions, and see what works better.

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