Reality reversal

Picking up on yesterday’s theme, let’s talk about some possible ramifications of future superpresence. It’s a tricky topic to discuss, because we are only now at the beginning of our collective journey toward such capabilities.

Nobody comes away from a Zoom meeting and thinks it was as good as an actual face-to-face meeting in person. There are so many things that are still deficient about the technology we have today.

But at some point there may be a cross-over moment, when the capabilities give us tools for social awareness and communication beyond what can be achieved in person. And then things might flip.

People might choose to take their meetings via remote superpresence, even if they have option for an in-person meeting. At some point, it might simply be better.

If that happens, then we will see a kind of reality reversal. To truly communicate with somebody on a deep level, we might collectively choose to use such technologies, rather than face-to-face interaction.

I don’t think such a thing will happen any time soon. But I’m not ruling out the possibility that one day we might get there.

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