The idea of a dogwhistle is that it is so high pitched that only a dog can hear it. When applied to politics, it generally refers to a message tailored to a narrow constituency that most people outside that constituency might not notice.

But sometimes a dogwhistle is pitched so low that everyone can hear it. Then that happens, things get decidedly weird.

Last night, at the presidential debate, our president pitched a dogwhistle so low it was essentially in the basement. He suggested to far right white-supremacists, in a very obvious way, that they should be ready to disrupt the election process by means of physical violence.

Never thought I would see something like that my lifetime.

One thought on “Dogwhistling”

  1. Yup…I would say that was more of a fog horn than a dog whistle. It also seemed premeditated. Within minutes of that statement, those folks were selling swag with his statement on it. You don’t do that sort of graphic design in twenty minutes. They def coordinated this.

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