The problem with economic models

I am working on a computer graphics project now that will be seen by perhaps half a dozen people. It’s largely a labor of love, and I derive great joy from working on it.

I’ve been noticing that I put exactly the same amount of deep care and devotion to good design into this project that I put into things I create that will be experienced by millions of people. The best way I can describe the motivation for this is that it would simply seem wrong to cut corners.

From an economic perspective, this makes no sense. Why put as much care into something that will be experienced by only a few people as I put into things that will be experienced by millions of people?

Which leads me to the following conclusion: There is something wrong with trying to apply an economic model to everything.

One thought on “The problem with economic models”

  1. I’ve also been in situations where I’ve invested significant time creating something only for my use. Same conclusion applies; though often these projects are quite educational and there’s substantial benefit from that.

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