Little random notes

I like writing little random notes. This is particularly true if I am working on a large project, and have not yet figured out how to organize it.

The notes come to me at odd hours. I might jot down a phrase or two with pencil on paper, and then below that jot down another seemingly disconnected thought.

Eventually I transfer all of those little gnomic scribbles to a computer, and expand on them, maybe turning a phrase into a paragraph. That last part is very helpful, because I often don’t really know why I’ve written a note until later.

After enough of these expanded notes, I usually start to see how they all fit together into a coherent whole. It’s as though the entire picture was there in the back of my mind all the time, but required reassembly to be accessed.

It would be great if one day I could somehow directly access that complete picture, rather than needing to take such an indirect and piecemeal route to see it. That would be a fine day indeed.

Until then, I guess I’ll keep writing little random notes.

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