Xmas filter

It generally starts right after Thanksgiving. You go into any store — a retail outlet, a restaurant, a Korean deli — and there is Christmas music.

Lots and lots of Christmas music. All The Time.

I like to hear the occasional Christmas song. They can bring joy and uplift during these dark times, and occasionally some much needed humor.

But not all the time, one after another. And another. And another.

So here is what I would like: I wish somebody would invent an Xmas filter.

It would allow you to hear nearly everything going on around you. You could hearall conversations, traffic, the sound of the wind through the trees, barking of dogs, the hum of household appliances.

The only thing you couldn’t hear is Christmas songs. They would simply be filtered out.

Maybe there should be a switch somewhere on the thing, in case you want to hear just a little Christmas music once in a while. But whenever you want, you could reach for that trusty switch and turn them all off again.

I hope somebody will invent one of those soon. Is that asking too much?

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