Toy store

Today I went into a toy store. I was wondering whether I would want to buy anything I saw there.

Toy stores are one of those place that we keep in a special place in our hearts. When we were children they were places of power and mystery. You never knew when you might find just the right toy, the one you had never realized until that moment that you’d always wanted.

So today I went up and down the isles, looking at the dinosaur toys, the Star Wars lego toys, the little Hot Wheels sets. I walked past puzzles and games, and all sorts of things.

But it just wasn’t the same. It all seemed so commercial, so calculated. I could practically see the marketing team working out their sales strategy.

I walked out empty handed. Sigh.

Gosh, at times like these, I wish I were a kid again, before I could see anything in a toy store except toys.

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