Museums for dogs

When you walk a dog, you notice that they don’t live in the same reality that we do. You might be walking along the street, enjoying a nice sunny day, while your dog is frantically pulling at its leash, trying to reach some spot in the grass to get a good sniff.

The dog is completely fascinated by all sorts of scents that we humans cannot perceive. To a dog, your boring little neighborhood is a sort of museum of aromas, with one fascinating exhibit after another.

I imagine that every time a new dog moves into the neighborhood, it deposits an entirely new set of olfactory delights that are endlessly fascinating to the other canines. To your dog, it’s as though the local museum is hosting the work of a great artist, and it wants to get on line for tickets.

Alas, most dogs quickly realize a terribly sad fact: We humans have no appreciation for the art of their species.

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