The real test

When will people all embrace VR?
The answer is more simple than you think:
When no matter just how far apart we are
We all can get together for a drink

One Response to “The real test”

  1. Simone Yang says:

    This sounds like a simple answer, but it is also a quite comprehensive answer. Watching TV shows like “Friends” and “How I met your mother”, we can see that a lot of social events take place in a coffee shop or a bar. Looking around, we can see young people getting together for a cup of boba tea. I realize that most of the intellectual conversations my friends and I have actually happened when we all have a cup of boba milk tea in our hands.
    Another reason why this answer intrigued me is because it involves three senses that is currently hard to record by a computer: taste, smell, and touch. To enjoy a cup of drink, these three senses are essential. If we can resolve the coffee problem in VR, we will be ready to accept a whole new world.

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