Bingeing all the versions

This pandemic can have a way of changing your TV viewing habits. I just watched Robin Hood, Men in Tights. I had somehow never seen it, although I am a long time Mel Brooks fan.

Now I want to see all of the Robin Hood movies. My plan is to go from the 1922 version with Douglas Fairbanks to the 1938 version with Erroll Flynn through to the 1973 animated version with Peter Ustinov all the way up to the recent 2018 one with Jamie Foxx and that guy who looks like Elton John.

After I’m done with that, I want to watch all the Spiderman movies. But I’m worried that it will feel like I am just watching the same movie over and over again.

Except for the animated one — that one’s good.

One thought on “Bingeing all the versions”

  1. The attention to detail in “Into the Spiderverse” was amazing. At one point, I noticed an odd color fringing around some of the character movements. Then I realized they were capturing the old mis-registered color printing of 60 – 70’s era newsprint comic books!

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