Hidden commercial agenda indicator

It has been said that 98% of information you read on-line is actually mis-information. Whoever put it up is trying to sell you some service or product. The only reason they are posting their “helpful info” is so that you will be more likely to purchase their product or service.

Here is something I would really like: For any information on any topic I can see on the Web, I would like some free on-line tool that provides an analysis of the hidden commercial agenda behind that information.

Alas, I suspect that whoever wrote that software will probably had some hidden commercial agenda that led them to offer it for free. So I suppose I will end up at some point running that software on itself.

I wonder if that will work.

One thought on “Hidden commercial agenda indicator”

  1. Versions of this exist for Amazon product reviews – they crawl reviews of the products trying to suss out if the reviews are by honest purchasers or paid shills, and give a score for how accurate the overall product rating is. They also supply an adjusted product rating based on what their algorithms believe are the more genuine feedback.

    ReviewMeta is one such service, there are others.

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